Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beats Hit While Emcees Slip

As a kid I never paid too much attention to lyrics. There was always music playing in my home growing up and if it sounded pleasant that was enough for me. I heard the vocals as another instrument. Even when I could make out the words I was still too young to understand exactly what some of these artists were talking about. Try explaining to a 5 year old what "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" means.
When I began to understand the meanings behind the lyrics the songs began to speak to me. Words were no longer voices in the background they had become meanings, stories connecting all those who listened. For me understanding the atittude and language of a song made me a part of it. Whether political, humorous, loving, or just down right dirty, music had a message!
I take a song for what it is. Just like watching a horror flick  I go into it knowing that the blood is fake. But there's nothing like a first time experience. After that too much of the same thing can get old. That's why there are such things as classics. Some songs from the 70's are still being played because the message is still relevance to contemporary life. Time continues to produce more and more music so every year it gets harder to be original. A lot of the basics have alrea
dy been created and driven off of the cliff. Music has had it's share of shark jumping.
In paticular I point the finger at rap(hip hop). It takes pages upon pages of lyrics to fill a 3 verse track. Most rappers will run out of things to say before their first album. Others don't even care and just keep running in circles( there's a new rap fan born everyday). Eventually the lack of creativity reaches a listeners limits. What's the average life-span of a rap(hip hop) fan anyways? 3, 4 years???
Unlike the lyrics beats have remained a little ahead of the game. Maybe it's the disconnect that noise and sound has in comparison to the text. Whatever the case hip hop beats are still bangin' as loud as ever. The ratio may be 1 in 20 but I think the rappers are more like 1 in 50!
Some like music for the message and others for the sound. I appreciate dope lyrics as much as the next but these days I'm just a sound sop.
Peace & Vinyl!


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