Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blogging or File Sharing?

I'm new in the world of blogging so I'm playing catch up. Upon my search for people who share the same atittude and tastes in music I realized that a lot of folks don't even drop an opinion. They simply put up the album cover, playlist, and a download link. Where's the blogging in that?
I see the whole illegal file sharing thing as something that comes with the territory. By no means am I going to criticize a monster like that, but if you're going to do it on a blog then give it a shout! I'm sure some of these artists that come across their music might actually appreciate it.
On the other hand I've read some real cool blogs that include complete reveiws and extra added info that reveals how deep the bloggers crates are. Some have the respect to limit sound samples to 30 seconds and post disclaimers for artists that don't want their music exploited, not to mention links to where the music can be purchased.
Selling music is now based on the honor system. Purchases have turned into donations. The music is out there for the taking and it's for free, so step up and post what's on your minds because that's free too!
Peace & Vynil!


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