Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Rap Heavyweight

Thanks to all of the vinyl heads that have made Asphalt Poetry's 1993 EP "Harmagedion" one of the most talked about records at the auctions. For years this record was lost in obscurity. The flurry of indie labels in the early 90's produced a wave of underground that saw both the best and worst of hip hop music. After the Golden Age leveled, the dust spread through a waste land of forgotten vinyl and settled in used record shops and swap meets across the world.

Now that the distraction of media and industry politics was no longer an issue the record hunt was open to find the jems that were burried. For some it would be as easy as copping a classic for a buck off an ignorant flea market vendor, while others might have emptied their pockets for a record that would end a 10 year search. Whatever the case the price of any collectable is only worth as much as a collector will pay. So for all of those who pushed this record to sales of  3 and, in at least one case, 4 digit figures, I salute you.   Peace & Vinyl! 


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