Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Saturday Nights" A DJ's Biggest Threat

It goes without saying that the best(known) dj's get the best time slot which is Saturday Night. Competition in the world of djing is fierce so to make a name for yourself in this climate is no small feat. I recently read a blog about a well established dj/producer that retired from playing at clubs due to the amount of dj's lining up behind him to play. Dj's have become a dime a dozen.
I would say through personal experience that more than half of the dj's who are lucky enough to get gigs have a solid contact(regardless of talent). You may wonder how this is possible when many of the legends share the same stage and time slot as these other "my friend is the owner of the club" dj's. Are these run-of-the-mill jukeboxes as talented as the more accomplished and experienced?
The answer is NO!
There are dj's out there playing the curcuits who deservingly so are bad-ass dj's. But how big of a roll does that really play? Having a record out or being associated with a popular artist(s) does make it easier for the promoters to draw in a crowd. Not to mention that more experienced dj's are professionals who know the game making it easier to do business. But once the night is secured with a successful turn out and he or she is standing behind the decks, how big is the expectation? In my opinion very little.
With or without the dj on the flyer there still is Saturday Night. There is a crowd, a nice audio system, pleasant atmoshere, full bar, and an extra day from work making it easy for the party people to unwind. Drinks are flowing, couples are hooking up, and the dancefloor is packed. With all these distractions the music just has to be on!
Not many are clockin' the mixes or trying to figure out if the effects they are hearing are coming from the record or hands of the dj working the mixboard. Who cares? I care! But I'm not the typical party-goer.
I'm not trying to discredit the talents and thought it takes to craft a great dj set because it is appreciated. The problem is that it's appreciated as a bonus instead of a requirement. The party goes on with or without it. Simular to the selling of music. Paying a fee for music used to be a requirement but has now become an option. So for all of those Saturday Night Dj's who think you're rocking the party, don't flatter yourself!
Peace & Vinyl.


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