Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vinyl Presses On Lock

Having vinyl pressed in Europe is proving to be no easy task. I began my research in the summer to find a pressing plant that could accommodate my order. Unfortunately the only plant in Sweden, where I am currently located, is too expensive and doesn't accept orders less than 500 records. As I continued down the list of manufactures it became apparent, if I was going to place an order outside of the country it would have to be with a company that is reputable.
After my top five choices were made I surfed the forums for feedback. The cheaper pressing plants had received bad reviews in the areas of quality and customer service while the two more expensive ones seemed to check out. Though more expensive, still a lot cheaper than the local one here in Scandinavia. So I decided to go with the one that was closer for a cheaper shipping cost.
It turns out that meeting the specs and having the capital up-front isn't enough these days. Almost all of the plants in Europe require a legal document from a copyright agency that declares your project legitamate for reproduction. Without that paper they won't even touch it!
Some of the lesser know and smaller vinyl manufacturers don't require such a document, and if I knew of one in my neck of the woods I would go for it, but I don't.
Instead I'm going through the process of red tape. It's been close to a month now and still no word from the bureaucrats. During my wait a friend has convinced me that pressing records in the U.S. then having them shipped back may be cheaper. I'm currently exploring this option.

Peace & Vinyl

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