Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Worst Music Fan

For the most part music is my thing. It's been with me my whole life. As a kid I remember hearing the family stereo in the living room blasting, Santana, The Stones, Zepplin, The Doobies, and all that. A few years later it was more like Rick James, Prince, S.O.S Band, Gap Band, and so on. But when I started developing my own taste in music it was more like KISS, AC/DC, Sabbath, and Devo. I might of stuck around for the wave of harder rock music but then Hip Hop came to California and blew me away.
As a youth I was inspired by these early impressions of music, such that I took to putting posters on my walls. I was playing air guitar and memorizing the words to entire albums. And if there was any chance to catch a performance on T.V. my eyes were glued. (pre mtv geveration) After going to my first concert the experience was complete.

I've since thought about why those artistd intrested me back then and came to the conclusion that they  all had a some kind of raw element in their music. My search for that certain vibe continues. It could pop up at anytime, so whenever it presents itself I tune in.

It might inspire me to see a show where everyone knows the words but me. I might buy a shirt of a band that has a song that I like  but couldn't tell you the name of one album. I've bought records from styles of music that I can't stand just to get one song. Ever heard of the term freak of nature?
I still put up a few album covers on the wall just to represent my collection and maybe a poster in a frame, but my days of trying to get an autograph or a spot near the front stage are over.
I'm still a big fan of music, you just wouldn't know it.
Peace & Vinyl!



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